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Fancy Christmas Lighting in the GTA That Works for All Seasons

Fancy Christmas lights are a staple during the holiday season. Get the lowdown on brightening up your home for the holidays and how to keep the spark going strong even after the holidays have come and gone.


LED Permanent Lighting

Permanent LED lighting systems have revolutionized Christmas lights. LED lights have inner conductors that create light without heat. In comparison to incandescent lights that are basically designed to self-destruct (as the inner filament burns and burns until it eventually blows out) LED lights don’t have this problem.


The biggest bonus is that these lights never have to come down. The advent of LED technology as a wide-use solution for home and holiday lighting is helping homeowners save money and energy—but it can do so much more and during any time of the year.


An Efficient and Economical Alternative

The life span of LED lights can be up to 50,000 hours compared to 1,200 hours of an incandescent bulb. LED lights are also 5-6 times brighter than standard Christmas lights. Easy on the wallet, LED lighting can use up to 97 percent less electricity than conventional Christmas lights.


According to Toronto Hydro, replacing traditional light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs can reduce your electrical bill by up to $300 a year.


LED Christmas lights also have no problem coming on and working in very cold temperatures. In fact, LED lights get more efficient as the outdoor temperature gets lower. Given the cold winters in Canada, LED lighting seems like a no-brainer.

Boost Your Christmas Light Game

If you’re still climbing up a ladder every holiday season to put up lights only to take them down a few weeks later, consider fancy Christmas lighting in the GTA. Installed by a professional team, you can achieve your desired colour scheme to create a breathtaking display. The options to add some Christmas magic to your home are almost limitless.

Lights That Never Have to Come Down

Once the holidays are over, you can still use your lights all year. Permanent LED lighting systems lets you choose from hundreds of colours that can be coordinated with other festive occasions like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. With year-round LED lights, you will be able to set the mood for parties and get-togethers or simply give your home a classy, mellow glow with a warmer colour setting. Permanent LED lighting can also be incredibly functional when used in outdoor areas on their brightest white setting, making your environments safer and more enjoyable.

Once installed, LED lights can cycle through the full colour spectrum. This offers homeowners a way to enjoy Christmas lighting when appropriate, and any other colour of lighting they choose during the rest of the year.

Fancy Christmas lights in the GTA go above and beyond the festive season. If you are looking to improve your Christmas lighting, or to have more outdoor lighting options year round, consider LED strip lighting for your home today.